oCult – Early alpha demo available now!

For an early alpha demo release download > http://ocult.ca/ocult.zip

No install required.  Unzip and launch oCult.exe directly .

Thank you for trying my game!  I recommend spawning both available skill items at this time, Fire Ball and Magic Missile with <V> Key.  You will need them and they will not drop in barrels in this release.  Activate skill inventory with <K> Key to equip them.

STR/AGL and INT/END exp rewards for applicable skill use.

Keymap_readme.txt :

<F1> - Toggle Fullscreen.
<End> - End Game.
Right mouse - Targets/activates selected action bar skill.
Left mouse - Targets/activates melee attack.
Mouse wheel - Zooms the view.

UI controls:
<Space Bar> - Pick up item or skill.
I - Opens Item Inventory.
K - Opens Skill inventory.
F - Searches for hidden doors.

Directional controls:
Up - W
Down - X
Right - D
Left - A
Up/right - E
Up/left - Q
Down/right - C
Down/left - Z

Spawn item - N
Spawn skill - V
Level str/agl - P
Level int/end - J
Level XP - H